The Estate

Welcome to our oasis of nature and tradition

Here, elements such as golden light and enveloping heat combine with clayey soils, giving us a precious gift: an ideal habitat for the cultivation of vines and olive trees. The roots of our vines are intertwined with the history of the soil itself, transmitting the passion and work of generations of farmers.

But our estate is much more. In addition to the cultivation of vines and olive trees, we proudly dedicate a large part of these lands to the growth of cereals and legumes. The fields of wheat, barley and alfalfa intertwine harmoniously among the vineyards and olive trees, creating a mosaic of biodiversity. This is not only essential for the balance of our environment, but is the secret of a life that takes place in perfect harmony with nature.

Every walk through our fields is a journey into the history and beauty of the Italian countryside. Every sip of our wines and every drop of olive oil we offer is a taste of this extraordinary land. We invite you to join us on this journey, to discover the magic of the Estate and to share the passion that makes every corner of this place special. Welcome to our estate, where nature joins tradition to create an unforgettable experience.

The Refinement Cave

The constant search for ever greater quality of its products led, during the year 2023, to the opening of a storage and refinement site for the line of rosé sparkling wines, produced with Sangiovese grapes, in a cave in the characteristic village of Santarcangelo di Romagna.

The choice of the place is not at all random, as the name “Sangiovese” was born in this city, which stands on Mount Giove and which since ancient times has been excavated to build tunnels and caves, called “the veins of Mount Jupiter”. , where wine and food were stored. The wine extracted from it was therefore “Sanguis Jovis”, which later became known as “Sangiovese”.

Our sparkling wine, after the secondary fermentation phase, is brought to this cave which allows it to be refined in an ideal environment, in the dark and with constant temperature and humidity, which allows the yeasts present in the bottles to impart unique aromas and particularly delicate bubbles.
From this cave come rosé sparkling wines aged for at least 12, 24 and 36 months.

The Vineyards

We know our vines and we know what to ask of each of them: little high quality production.

The vineyard is composed by 19 hectares of Sangiovese, Bombino Bianco, Grechetto Gentile and Cabernet Sauvignon.
These are the four varieties in which we believe the most because time has given us the chance to know them in the vineyards and to obtain our wines in a simply, authentic and respectful way.
The wine-growing areas are located on gentle slopes characterized by “strong” soils with a prevalence of clay.

The predominant orientation of the rows goes from south-east to north-west, as if following the ideal path of the sun.
Particular attention is paid to the form of cultivation of the vines and the quantity of bunches obtained for each vine. Spurred cordon and Guyot are the preferred forms and the maximum production for each vine does not exceed 2.5 kg of grapes.

The olive grove

Three thousand olive trees, distributed over several plots between the villages of Cerasolo and Sant’Aquilina, constitute our olive growing “heritage”.

The main varieties are Correggiolo, Frantoio and Leccino. Some plants are over 100 years old and remind us that our land is traditionally “land of olive trees”.
Each tree is cared for with skill and attention, without forcing and without the use of chemical products.

Particular care is given to the cultivation method, the “polyconic vase”, so that each leaf of each plant receives the right amount of sunlight. Only in this way can healthy and ripe olives be harvested at the right point, a fundamental prerequisite for obtaining a fine oil that can also boast a prestigious recognition such as the “Colline di Romagna” PDO.