Al Manìni line

The “AL MANÌNI” line is proudly dedicated to the great director Federico Fellini from the city of Rimini. The name is inspired by a passage from the film “Amarcord”: le manine (al manìni) quoted by one of the Fellini characters (Titta’s grandfather), they are nothing but the “pappi” of the poplars that fly (wander, wander, wander). The two “AL MANÌNI FF100” wins were designed precisely to pay homage to the “maestro” Federico Fellini on the 100th aniversary of his birth.

The Refinement Cave

The constant search for ever greater quality of its products led, during the year 2023, to the opening of a storage and refinement site for the line of rosé sparkling wines, produced with Sangiovese grapes, in a cave in the characteristic village of Santarcangelo di Romagna. The choice of the place is not at all random, as the name “Sangiovese” was born in this city, which stands on Mount Giove and which since ancient times has been excavated to build tunnels and caves, called “the veins of Mount Jupiter”. , where wine and food were stored. The wine extracted from it was therefore “Sanguis Jovis”, which later became known as “Sangiovese”. Our sparkling wine, after the second fermentation phase, is brought to this cave which allows it to be refined in an ideal environment, in the dark and with constant temperature and humidity, which allows the yeasts present in the bottles to impart aromas and aromas. unique, particularly delicate bubbles. From this cave come rosé sparkling wines aged for at least 12, 24 and 36 months.