Al Manìni Pas Dosé Classic Method Millesimato 36 Months

Grape varietal Bombino Bianco

Soil loamy clay

Plant density 3,300 plants/ha

Average age of the vines 26 years

Training system simple curtain

Preventive defense sulphur, copper and natural preparations

Soil nutrition organic fertilizers and green manure for legumes

Harvest by hand

Alcoholic strength 11% vol

The “AL MANÌNI” line is proudly dedicated to the great director Federico Fellini from the city of Rimini.
The name is inspired by a passage from the film “Amarcord”: le manine (al manìni) quoted by one of the Fellini characters (Titta’s grandfather), they are nothing but the “pappi” of the poplars that fly (wander, wander, wander).

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